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Eddy Bed
Ochoco Mountains
Desolation Canyon
Ochoco Mountains
Frieda Bed
Deschutes Rivery Canyon
Surface Find
Ochoco Mountains
H2L Bed
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Ochoco Mountains

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Located in Historic Downtown The Dalles, Oregon ~ Oregonthundereggs.com offers the largest selection of Thundereggs from Oregon State, the U.S. and  the Globe. I have served thousands of Thunderegg collectors since 1997 on the Internet and continue to grow. My goal is to prospect new localities, and obtain specimens from rare and historic deposits.
As always I strive to achieve
Customer Satisfaction! and to offer the Best Quality Specimens Mother Nature Allows!

If you plan on passing through my area and would like an appointment to see my shop and dig through my rock piles and see other material not listed in the website please send an email to: 
  oregonthundereggs@embarqmail.com or Call me (541)-340-4896
So relax, kick back & enjoy your visit and Thank you for visiting.

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Jason Hinkle (owner) & My lil buddy "Hooper"
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April 13th, 2016

Slow, but moving! Trying to upgrade all the pages to back when the website fail off the net. Appreciate your patience while I'm working out the kinks.

Please note: Many items for sale and prices are out of date. Please email me and I'll get updated prices for you.

Thank you!




Guided Thunderegg Hunts

Are you interested in finding your own Thundereggs, but never have hunted them? Send an email for prices and details and I'll personally guide you in the Ochoco's.


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If you'd like to receive emails when I update the website with New Thundereggs.
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 **Current Special**


Oregon Midnight/Mahogany Lace Obsidian Rough. Double fist sized and smaller pieces. Stuffed full!

Medium Flat Rate (22-25+Pounds on average) - $40.00 "FREE SHIPPING"

Large Flat Rate (35+/- Pound average per box) - $55.00 "FREE SHIPPING"

Shoot an email  *Here* to order your box now.  

New Email - oregonthundereggs@embarqmail.com   

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